UNECE-RCEM is a civil society platform aimed to enable stronger cross constituency coordination and ensure that voices of all sub-regions of UN ECE are heard in intergovernmental processes in regional and global level. The platform is initiated, owned and driven by the CSOs, and has been set up under the auspices of UN-ECE and seeks to engage with UN agencies and Member States on the Post-2015 as well as other development related issues/processes. As an open, inclusive, and flexible mechanism, RCEM is designed to reach the broadest number of CSOs in the region – works with 14 constituencies  and 6 sub-regions in UN ECE region in 3 continents North America, Europe and Asia.

The SDGs open a new role for international cooperation, creating new opportunities to work together.

A defining feature of many of the fragilities the region is facing – from the looming challenges posed by climate change to large migration movements- is that they are better addressed through international cooperation.